Is Mental Exercise Consciousness?

Recently, I watched a short video presentation by Dan Dennett, a contemporary Western Philosopher, who considers himself a Philosopher of Consciousness. He indicated that other modern day Philosophers appear down on him with scorn, as they feel there is no these point as, "human consciousness."
In his presentation he quoted an notion of Yet another modern Philosopher, on the effect that, "All philosophy relies on rational arguments." Professor Dennett then went on to elucidate that, in fact, what people envisage to be their consciousness is a, "bag of methods."
These statements, made by modern day Philosophers, arrived as small shock to me. I also consider myself a modern Philosopher, and, depending on this shorter video clip, have resolved that I am also a Philosopher of Consciousness. I, even so, do believe that there is this kind of factor as human consciousness; that it is authentic, and that it is achievable. I have arrive at the conclusion, nonetheless, that ordinary Mind activity has absolutely nothing to try and do with turning into aware, and is particularly, actually, a hindrance to attaining consciousness..
That present day Philosophy, as all other sorts of modern Scholarship, is undoubtedly an outgrowth of The best of rational/scientific considered has been noticeable to me because I began to be aware of the role Programming and Indoctrination Engage in in all of our life and our resultant not enough true Consciousness. Certainly one of the main underlying Beliefs of Western Science and Philosophy is the fact that Humans are physical, and nothing but physical entities.
Professor Dennett went on in his video discuss to clarify, and display, with illustrations, why in truth human beings are certainly not effective at consciousness, but are, alternatively, vehicles animated by hundreds-of-trillions of robotic cells, which them selves would not have consciousness possibly. (This is yet another example of, "the blind leading the blind" which might be rampant During this modern-day world!)
Based on Professor Dennett, what humans envisage to be consciousness is barely built up of strong opinions on just about anything and everything about which they have no expertise, i.e., accurate know-how. And, Moreover, that everyone believes him/herself to become an authority on their own consciousness. Unfortunately, this is true of the overwhelming majority of "modern-day" human beings.
As an example of Mind exercise, (equated by him and also other, present day "thinkers" with consciousness), he provides that, in the event the human Mind is presented with some thing or other, it goes off into a stream-of-consciousness, rather then details processing.
However, this is really, relatively, legitimate about the standard human Mind/brain. When presented with: a new strategy, specific, image-of-a little something, working experience, and many others., and so forth., the human brain/intellect proceeds to go off into an uncontrolled stream-of-consciousness about regardless of what it has been presented with, rather then Assess what ever it's got seasoned as a completely new issue, unique to by itself. Much of the stream is produced up of our Perception Method's contents.
There have been some people who have come to know that they can't even see/remember no matter what new thing it had been that they experienced encountered, because of this how-the-brain-capabilities issue.
Newest, Western and other, humans' Consciousness Systems are now being frequently bombarded with self-inflicted, and normally, stimuli from early morning until finally they drop by bed during the night time. This can be legitimate, "in Spades" in putarine srbija the, "young" generation. Tend not to Imagine This can be, "accidental," or simply a byproduct of modern lifetime, it is not.
I have named the human power to really feel, see, notice, experience and don't forget, the "Human Recognition System." Even though This method is incapable of being overcome, it can be certainly getting saved occupied with our continual bombardment of it with continuous irrelevant input.
All those scientists and Other people, who purport to consider the human Mind's functioning, even Philosophers, pay out no consideration to this important aspect of human existence, mostly, as it is just not thought of an element in any way. In truth, I think it is there that accurate Consciousness could reside! By taking away oneself from outside the house-of-the-Self interruptions, to any degree, you can begin to tune in to this major Program of consciousness and Recollections. Devoid of doing this, it is unlikely that one will attain even a modicum of correct Consciousness.
Possessing unsuccessful to acknowledge the existence of the Human Awareness Method as A significant, if not An important, Component of human existence, it's been doable to hoodwink individuals into believing the Mind would be the, "seat of consciousness." Therefore there exists the "Scientific" squabble about no matter if You can find even this kind of matter as Head, in contrast to The Mind, in any way. Put kroz grcku
The Human Consciousness Technique is extensive, currently being partially produced up of what is known as the 5, "senses"--sight, Listening to, sensation, smell and taste. This method also features what has actually been named a sixth feeling, which, since it has no physical foundation, is debunked as current in any respect. Yet another element is the awareness of inner thoughts--pleasure, sadness, grief, worry, humor, exasperation, etcetera., and many others. Moreover, the Human Awareness System incorporates a history of anything We've got ever done, viewed, seasoned, felt, dreamt, and so on., etc. This has actually been properly established in the utilization of hypnotic regression putarine do grcke methods.
It is actually my tentative belief the Human aspect, that has been known as, "intellect," as unveiled by this kind of hypnotic regression procedures, may possibly actually be an component, or outgrowth, on the Human Awareness Process. To put it differently, the Human Recognition Technique is The important thing to being familiar with Consciousness. Consciousness by itself has lots of factors, the first staying: turning into knowledgeable, second-to-instant, of what is staying knowledgeable; the 2nd may be expressed as, "getting conscious of what exists further than the physical," (a thing that is also denied existence by Western Science and Philosophy). By what is known as, "metaphysical" readings, just one learns that even higher consciousness' are obtainable; these have already been called, "Peak Ordeals," from the Psychologist Abraham Maslow.
It can be, consequently, my conclusion which the physical brain isn't the seat of, consciousness, but that consciousness can start to be attained via a means of, To begin with, getting aware of what one particular's psychological activity consists, then practising sure methods, for example meditation, and other strategies now readily available, for example, the ever increasing subject of biofeedback and Mind hemisphere balancing, to start to broaden types Consciousness Procedure.

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